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March 16, 2021

Why Businesses Should Focus On Cyber Security - Cyber Cloud Service

Ever since companies started moving their business to remote operations in response to the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of data breaches.

In 2020, popular video conferencing software Zoom became a victim of a data breach, with reports of more than 500,000 stolen Zoom credentials being found to be on sale on the dark web. In the same year, Alibaba-owned Lazada had the personal information of 1.1 million RedMart accounts stolen from their database and sold online.

These breaches all had something in common - poor security.

As a country with a high internet adoption rate, Singapore faces the highest cybersecurity risk in Asia-Pacific. Many organizations have shifted business operations online, with a great number of employees continuing to work remotely. As such, cybersecurity risks have become more prevalent than ever before.

This leads to the importance of companies having robust cybersecurity plans. When it comes to protecting sensitive information from threats, cyber hygiene plays a crucial role.

What is Cyber Hygiene?

Cyber hygiene refers to the steps and practices that users of computers and other devices take to maintain the system’s health and improve online security. Like good hygiene habits, practicing cyber hygiene can help to keep data safe and well-protected from outside attacks like malware.

Cyber hygiene can also help detect problems within the computer, allowing for quick fixes. A cybersecurity professional can ensure that every access point to a connected device is secured, allowing businesses to guard their data against the potential device and network breaches.

Why Is It Important To Focus On Cyber Hygiene

Besides significantly lowering the risk of hackers taking advantage of security gaps, cyber hygiene can help businesses to:

  • Protect their critical data and client information
  • Keep remote employees safe, giving them peace of mind
  • Keep computers and devices up and running
  • Safeguard against malware and ransomware
  • Deter phishing attempts and other malicious activities
  • Detect unauthorized software on your system

6 Good Cyber Hygiene Tips To Follow

As a business concerned with cyber threat risks, here are some useful tips you can do to improve your network security:

1.    Implement MFA/2FA verification to all applications and online accounts. This will help enhance your business’s security by requiring your employees and users to identify themselves by more than a username and password that can be vulnerable to brute force attacks. Using an MFA factor such as a physical key or thumbprint can deter third-party hackers from accessing your private network and information, keeping your business safe. 

2.    Provide regular cybersecurity awareness training to all employees. This ensures that your employees stay updated on the latest cybersecurity topics, allowing them to remain vigilant against common hacking tactics.

3.    Regularly update and patch your servers, computers, and devices to close any loopholes in your security that could be taken advantage of.

4.    Review the company’s current cybersecurity technologies. By determining what sort of malware protection you have in place, you can determine its effectiveness and decide whether or not to upgrade or switch to another security technology.

5.    Hire an ethical hacker to assess and identify the company’s vulnerabilities, allowing you to improve on them.

6.    Enlist the services of IT outsourcing third parties to conduct internal risk assessments and bi-yearly process review

Find Out How Our Cybersecurity Professionals Can Help Keep Your Business Safe

NEX CorporateIT offers IT outsourcing services in Singapore, including cybersecurity exercises. With these exercises, our experienced cybersecurity professionals will perform Gap Analysis to bring to your awareness the risks involved and list advisory actions to take within a Risk Register for your company to be Regulatory Compliant.

As experts in handling all sorts of cyber threats and problems, we provide value-added IT solutions for businesses in all kinds of industries. Get in touch with our team of specialists to find out more about how we can protect and safeguard your business’s well-being.