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With the advent of mobile technology giving rise to increased productivity and lower overheads among other benefits, the risks of a potential security breach from the adoption of a remote access strategy cannot be over-emphasised.

Nevertheless, the quest for a remote access security should not be at the expense of usability and productivity.

NEX CorporateIT specialises in developing effective wireless communication systems that incorporates network layer security and mobile device management. Our systems effectively eliminate possible data breaches and other costly complications. Our goal is to help our clients reap the benefits of enterprise mobility while mitigating the risks involved.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from our ability to deliver to our client’s peace of mind along with the solutions they need. Count on us for a solid defence for your organisation’s communications network. We are proud to say that our solutions have achieved general success in eliminating all security threats faced by our clients.

The 3 Critical Reasons Why Network Security Is Vital To Your Business

As businesses move increasingly online, we start to develop a greater reliance on our information and data for quicker and better decision making that translates directly to commercial dollars.

However while we know the importance of these data and information, network security really isn’t ranked number one on our list of things to do, but neglecting it could be costly for our internet security and might even require disaster recovery services if the damage is severe enough.

Your computer network stores confidential business information, these can include proprietary plans, customer data and financial information that could harm your business. But firstly let’s understand what is network security about?

What Is Network Security Exactly?

It is a set of protocols, layers and barriers that help protect your network and internet security, effectively eliminating any possible data breaches, malware, shutdowns, network downtime and theft of your information.

These critical layers of security help to safeguard your company’s data from attacks and the more layered these defences are, the greater the effectiveness of your protection. An effective network security strategy ties nicely together with backup solutions to eliminate any risk of downtime or worse, a complete loss of all data.

The 3 Core Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Network and Internet Security

  1. Protecting Your Customer Information & Build Trust With Your Clientele
    Whether you are running a consultancy business or an online marketplace, your customers will likely leave an online enquiry or make a purchase through your portal, leaving behind valuable information from emails and phone numbers to credit card information. By transacting with you, your customers place a great deal of trust and rely on your business to safeguard and protect their information.
    With the proper layers of network and internet security, you will help assure your customers that their information is kept secure. When it comes to your customer data, prevention is better than cure and customer trust is integral to any business success.

  2. Increase Your Employees Productivity, Securely
    Many companies, big and small are turning to flexible and alternative work arrangements. From allowing employees to work from home to working on a business trip, this arrangement will require remote access outside of your company’s immediate network. This poses a security threat.
    Latent viruses and threats could easily spread onto your main network from your employees home or external computers, affecting the integrity of your network. A proper network security strategy effectively blocks any threats while leaving you with the positive benefits of employee productivity.

  3. You Save Money And Time In The Long Run
    Which would you rather be doing? Devoting precious time to marketing and sales to close bigger deals helping to grow your business or wasting manpower to identify, diagnose and solve network problems which could happen when you least expect it?
    While a strong network and internet security solution will require up-front investment, it is a small price to pay compared to any disaster recovery services or additional IT maintenance that is needed. Most importantly, it provides your business a peace of mind, allowing you to pursue what is most important, business growth and sales.

Getting Started With Network Security Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Below is a quick checklist of 3 key considerations to take note before you contact a specialist to tighten up your network security.

  1. What is your current security level of your company?
    The first step is to always understand what security measures are present and what is lacking. Does your network have any firewalls or virus protection guarding it? Is there any identification measures that prevent unauthorised access? Do these features work together effectively?

  2. The Information And Data You Want To Safeguard.
    Perhaps you want to safeguard your customer information or your private data on your upcoming products and services, or maybe it is both? Where is information stored? On a virtual private network?
    Decide which of these information is the most important in the event of your budget only being sufficient to protect one.

  3. How Is This Information Shared?
    Understanding how you use this information is key to developing a robust network and internet security.
    Do you share them online with your employees while they are on the go, or it this sharing done only over an onsite company computer?
    Do you share this information with your customer themselves in the form of receipts?


Data and network security are vital for your business. At NEX CorporateIT, we provide comprehensive solutions to protect your information and safeguard your company’s IT security.