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Private Cloud Services

A New Dawn in Cloud Services


The growing demands of businesses and corporations for secure and efficient IT systems continue to drive the need for innovative solutions that keep data safe while raising productivity. On top of this, businesses also face stringent requirements to comply with regulatory and governance policies. For financial institutions, that means regulations by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), while listed companies are required to comply with Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) listing rules.

NEX CorporateIT’s suite of proprietary cloud solutions was initially designed to help financial institutions comply with the technology risk management requirements (TRM guidelines) as set out by the MAS. We provide vulnerability assessment (VA) and penetration testing (PT) services to identify and rectify vulnerabilities and security risks in the system. As a trusted cloud service provider (OSPAR Accredited), we stand ready to handle security-related incidents, cyber-attacks and systems disruptions.

Today, our suite of proprietary cloud solutions spans a range of private and encrypted cloud hosting, cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery and business continuity services. Highly customisable and easily scalable, our proprietary MAS cloud services are being used by many financial institutions that form our core client base. We also cater to clients from diverse industries, such as manufacturing and maritime, to meet data security needs.

In addition to core benefits, our private cloud services can offer businesses:

  • Increased security of a private network;
  • Increased performance due to resources being consolidated onto one platform; and
  • Increased customizability according to the organization’s needs and requirements



NEXCH allows you to host your company email service on a dedicated and private cloud for greater security and stability.

NEXCH offers more than just Microsoft and Office 365. With NEXCH, you can do more than synchronise emails and calendars automatically and in real-time. To block off spam mail even before it reaches your email server, we readily invest in top reputable anti-spam services with Service Level Agreement guaranteeing a spam block rate of 99.98%. We use only the best to reinforce email security; no cost is too high and no effort is too great for us.

Count on us for cloud solutions that integrate state-of-the-art technology for total backup and disaster recovery in times of total site failure. We guarantee high availability, effectiveness, efficiency and quality, while a Non-Disclosure Agreement ensures your company data remains confidential.

On top of that, you will have access to a dedicated 24/7 telephony and Remote Assist technical helpdesk concierge for that extra peace of mind. With NEXCH cloud service, your business virtual operations can achieve seamless integration with complete protection.


NEXPEC-Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity (NEXPEC-DRaaS)

Disasters may threaten, but they will not stop NEX-DRaaS from keeping your business operations running through thick and thin.

NEXPEC-DRaaS is a managed business continuity planning and disaster recovery service. With NEXPEC-DRaaS, it will still be business as usual should unexpected outages occur. NEX-DRaaS allows you to enhance your existing backup solution by replicating it to our data bank in a private cloud space via secure, encrypted tunnels.

We will work closely with you to ensure our NEXPEC-DRaaS solutions weave intricately into your Business Continuity Plans to provide you with continuity and peace of mind in the event of an outage or a disaster. We can boot up a virtual image of the last known good backup for operations continuity while your affected system is being restored. Your employees can be redirected seamlessly to this replica and continue to work with little impact on their productivity. Employees off-site will also be able to log in from anywhere as a hot desk user and replicate their work environment as per normal. Your customers will never know the difference.

We implement important metrics relating to recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) based on your company’s needs and ensure that we achieve them in the event of a disruption. Be assured of an efficient return to normalcy with high data integrity and minimal inconvenience. With NEX-DraaS, your business can save effort, money and resources. By default, this cloud solution retains your data up to 180 days; however you may customize the data retention period from one to six months to suit your company’s regulatory compliance needs.


NEXPEC-Private Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (NEXPEC-IaaS)

Enjoy the best of both worlds, with the advantages & scalability of a cloud computing solution yet with the security and agility of a local IT infrastructure.

Managing an in-house IT infrastructure that adheres strictly to the MAS TRM guidelines can be time-consuming, resource-intensive and very costly. Apart from investing in the right equipment, a robust IT system will require a formal business impact analysis and the implementation of an integrated disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Financial institutions are also expected to achieve high availability for critical systems to minimise downtime and ensure that data are encrypted according to best practices. In addition, financial institutions are required to have secure mail and communication collaboration tool applications, as well as proper logging and monitoring facilities functionalities. Where data is hosted on-premise, financial institutions will also have to spend significant time and resources to put in place appropriate electrical power, air-conditioning and fire suppression systems, all of which will add to their capex burden.

Implementing a full suite of IT infrastructure is extremely costly and takes up precious space in the office. At a time when Grade A and B office spaces in Singapore are commanding significant rental premiums, every inch not gainfully used for your business is revenue sacrificed.

NEXPEC-IaaS meets all the requirements and regulations stipulated by MAS. We are well-positioned to help you eliminate excess capital expenditure (CAPEX) and lower ongoing expenses (OPEX) with the benefit of security. With NEXPEC cloud service, we also take the administration and management of hardware and software off your hands so you can focus on the things that matter the most. Without these worries, all it takes is a word from you for us to help you scale up or down your IT resources in response to the ever-changing business environment.

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