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15th August 2019




NEX CorporateIT Pte Ltd herein known as “NEX” is excited to announce our achievement in attaining the Outsourced Service Provider Audit Report (OSPAR) accreditation fronted by the Association of Banks in Singapore “ABS” of which regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore “MAS”.


OSPAR accreditation is one of the most stringent audit exercises to be adopted by outsourcing vendors whom are professionally supporting clients in the Financial Industries (FIs). Abiding the guidelines and frameworks of the OSPAR audit whilst operating in classifications set out with security and governance; accredited OSPAR vendors helps in mitigating higher risks to the FIs. Thus posing a greater confidence in the collaboration of the client’s businesses, synergizing the IT operations be care-off by the respective outsourced material vendors.


NEX is honored to work alongside with one the most reputable auditors – PricewaterhouseCoopers “PwC” in this segment. PwC is one of the few independent auditors appointed by ABS to practice her professional works in this arena. Participating portfolios are some of NEX’s flagship products in the Private Cloud segmentation which includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service ("IaaS"), Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service ("DRaaS"), Managed Messaging ("MM") and IT outsourcing maintenance services. Throughout the OSPAR audit period, NEX demonstrates the fulfilment of various system controls instatement while performing enhancements and changes in accordance to meet the ABS’s Guidelines.


NEX’s suite of proprietary solutions was initially designed and tailored to tackle the challenges that FIs are facing when complying towards the MAS – Technology Risk Management (TRM) guidelines. Capital Markets Services license holders – RFMCs and LFMCs alike are kept assured that NEX’s commitment to data security remains ever steadfast to help clients mitigate the risks involved. Through OSPAR attestation, NEX also apprehended serious business in Data handling where clients entrusted theirs upon.  Data security at-rest storage and In-transit are managed in accordance to a set of encryption Standards procedure.


Today, our Private cloud suite of solutions have spanned across a wider range of services not only to cater for the FIs clients, but also towards many other industries for example; Healthcare, Medical, Maritime, Manufacturing, automotive and many more.


Our clients can now leverage upon our OSPAR to conduct their due diligence, thus minimizing the time, efforts and costs required for such compliance.


Problems with TRM compliances and regulatory commitments?

Reach out to us for a non-obligatory consultation and we will assist in viable preposition to integrate NEXPEC to your existing environment.


Please contact us at IR@nexcorporateit.com.