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IT Outsourcing

Delivering Innovative IT Outsourcing Services For Your Business Success


NEX CorporateIT continuously develops and integrates IT outsourcing services with sophisticated equipment within the network and security market. We provide IT outsourcing services to companies that belong to a wide spectrum, and we have expanded our niche in hardware provisioning, making us proud to be one of the top HP Premier Business Partners, an IBM Global Partner, and a Symantec Specialist Partner with many other growing accolades.


As a reputable IT support in Singapore, we deliver cost-effective and reliable systems solutions for diverse sectors in the country, and our expertise in this area has enabled our growing pool of clients to respond effectively to the demands of technological progress.


In response to the growing number of financial institutions setting up operations in Singapore, we are also pleased to extend our coverage to the financial sector - supporting hedge funds, private banks, and forex trading floors from the United States, United Kingdom, China, and Australia, among others as a reputed IT outsourcing company. Most importantly, we always ensure that our services are provided with high security as they strictly comply with MAS outsourcing guidelines, leaving no room for data breaches and other cyber threats.


Being a top-choice IT outsourcing company in Singapore that caters to a diverse spectrum of industries, we deliver exceptional IT solutions across sectors such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Below are several industries and sectors in which we have garnered specialization in providing our unparalleled IT outsourcing services.

Maritime, Oil & Gas

Communication Solutions

For companies in the maritime, or oil and gas industry, the key to streamlined operations lies in a virtual environment that supports seamless communication flow among entities onshore, their vessels, and rigs offshore. This can be successfully achieved through IT outsourcing.


NEX CorporateIT has successfully delivered central management systems that connect a company’s marine assets to their onshore systems, allowing for easy access to real-time information whenever and wherever they are.


IT Infrastructure Setup

The use of databases for raw data storage has become more important to shipping firms given rising application needs. NEX CorporateIT offers a comprehensive evaluation of our clients’ operational requirements and current network topology. We will then help them procure the most suitable extensions to enhance their existing IT infrastructure in the most cost-efficient manner.


Disaster Recovery

The breakdown of mission-critical systems and applications can result in significant financial and reputational damage, and the need for an urgent recovery cannot be underestimated. As a reliable IT outsourcing company in Singapore, NEX CorporateIT is committed to helping our clients minimise any downtime in the event of a disruption. We do this by promptly dispatching our engineers onsite to perform data recovery and restore operations safely and efficiently.


Apart from these, we also set important metrics for recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) to assure our clients of a swift return to normal operations with minimal inconvenience.

Financial Sector

Global Network Connectivity During Trading Hours

Financial institutions covet reliable, low-latency global connectivity during trading hours. However, we understand that they can become frustrated at times by the challenge of setting up a system that delivers the desired results.


In addition, financial institutions are frequently under pressure to keep pace with regulations and guidelines relating to risk assessment and financial oversight as set out by authorities such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Singapore Exchange.


NEX CorporateIT possesses vast experience in successfully installing onsite network equipment and enabling offsite remote access connections to allow traders to execute their transactions smoothly and securely. We also provide IT data security services such as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to uncover risks and vulnerabilities in the system, which will help financial institutions comply with the authorities’ guidelines on technological risk.


We make use of hardened technologies in conjunction with high availability (HA) designs, along with disaster recovery (DR) solutions and in-depth business continuity plans (BCPs), to help our clients meet the IT challenges arising from 21st-century globalization.

Manufacturing Sector

Design and C&C Topology

Our expertise and experience have enabled us to be nimble and innovative in harnessing advanced technology to integrate powerful software into the IT infrastructure of manufacturing companies. Complementing this is our hardware IT outsourcing services in Singapore to ensure the effective setup and commissioning of the manufacturing activities.


Inventory Management System

NEX CorporateIT offers a suite of integrated IT outsourcing services and solutions that help with sales monitoring, inventory control, and invoicing, in an optimised and non-complex process, all on a cloud-based platform. These solutions run real-time on fully-automated processes and under a single interface. All manual intervention is thus eliminated, allowing the company to streamline its costs and increase the efficiency of its logistics departments.


Warehousing Management and ERP Solutions

At NEX CorporateIT, we offer affordable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for our clients. As part of our IT outsourcing in Singapore, we set out to understand their workflows and requirements via a series of detailed discussions, followed by the development of a standard operating manual to help them navigate the seemingly complicated setup of such projects. Where CAPEX/ OPEX and Total Cost of Ownership investments are involved, NEX CorporateIT drafts precise proposals with corresponding justifications to help clients secure Government Funding for these necessary expenses.

Healthcare Sector

Asset Tracking and Equipment Management

In a healthcare environment, where a life-or-death situation could rear its head at any time, medical workers must be able to respond swiftly with vital information and life-saving equipment on hand.


NEX CorporateIT offers IT outsourcing services and solutions that help our healthcare clients track vital patient-care medical assets with high accuracy, and ensure that healthcare workers have downtime access to the necessary supplies and equipment when needed. These not only help to improve asset utilisation rates but also reduce operating costs. Healthcare workers no longer waste precious time searching for supplies, which frees up valuable time for increased productivity and better focus on patient care.


IT Infrastructure Setup

With patients’ health at stake, healthcare organisations need to ensure their IT infrastructure matches up with the needs and requirements of proper patient care.


NEX CorporateIT evaluates the operational needs and budgetary considerations of each healthcare organisation. We help to determine the most appropriate infrastructure hardware and equipment.


Beyond corporate infrastructure, NEX CorporateIT’s IT outsourcing services and solutions extend to the implementation of network solutions that link the healthcare organisation to the national database, to facilitate the syncing and retrieval of patient records.

Other Industries

Beyond the oil & gas, marine, financial, manufacturing and healthcare sectors, we provide IT outsourcing solutions to clients in many other specialised industries across Singapore and beyond.


Our support of the science and research industries has seen us provide chemical laboratories with relevant software that helps them create a safe modern research environment.


We have also provided hardware and software support to clients in the aerospace engineering field, to help them develop and test new aerospace technology, in addition to upgrading their computer hardware.


International organisations are also making use of our state-of-the-art communication and translation technology in meetings involving foreign representatives. Non-profit and social service organisations have benefitted from our sophisticated audit systems, which can be scaled according to their budget. Additionally, our clients also include the media and digital entertainment industries.