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September 07, 2020

Why do businesses need an IT outsourcing company and IT maintenance service?

Outsourcing companies use an external service provider to deliver some or all the IT functions required by the business.  The service provider performs IT maintenance and offers support either on-site at the hiring company’s owned facilities or at other external locations.

The IT outsourcing company can also provide additional support to the hiring company’s internal IT team, and this practice is commonly referred to as co-sourced IT support.

Below are the services provided by IT outsourcing companies?

IT Project Management

Working with multiple clients at once makes IT outsourcing companies adept at managing and delivering projects on time and within budget to the satisfaction of clients. Such experienced professionals can help businesses with the planning, execution, and completion of any IT project to minimize overspending and lower the risk of failures.

Improving Network Connectivity and Communication

An IT outsourcing company helps set up reliable networks that provide high-speed connectivity to facilitate synchronous communication across long distances. Important business decisions can be made and conveyed to offices across the world without fear of disruptions and delays.

Building & Ensuring Security

The presence of remote access devices poses a potential risk of security and data breach. Today, businesses rely on wireless communication and online operations to perform. Information and data are becoming increasingly exposed and setting up excellent network security are vital to guard confidential information. NEX CorporateIT provides comprehensive 2FA/MFA solutions to help businesses safeguard their information and continue to build trust with their clients.

Recovering Data

The loss of data is a big issue as it can happen to any company at any time. In the event of such an emergency, it is imperative that prompt action is taken to prevent major business disruptions. Not having proper backup solutions puts the company at risk of losing money. Seasoned IT experts from an IT outsourcing company can respond quickly to help the company recover vital data in a short span of time, hence allowing the company to recover with immediate effect.

An IT expert like NEX CorporateIT uses a private cloud solution (NEXPEC-DRaas) to backup data via secure, encrypted tunnels. So, in the event of outrage or disasters, your business operations can continue as normal while they work to restore your affected systems behind the scenes.

Companies commonly hire IT outsourcing agencies to reduce operation costs, increase their productivity, and improve their work efficiency.

Through outsourcing, employers can focus their resources on improving other core areas of their business, thereby giving them the opportunity to work on gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

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