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August 11, 2022

Top Industries that Require IT Support Services the Most

Following the rapid advancement in technology, the need for a strong IT system has emerged in today’s business world. To suffice the IT requirements of companies that do not possess the necessary resources, IT support services have started taking over the market. As digitalization is climbing towards its peak, businesses are bound to evolve their systems and operations to sustain the market. However, to avoid cyber threats and data breaches, businesses must always keep their IT maintenance in safe hands. Due to the lack of capital, expertise, and human resources, business organizations often outsource their IT-related tasks and projects to an external IT support company. In this article, you are going to learn about the top industries that require IT support in Singapore.

1. Legal Service Industry

The legal industry is one of the industries that require a strong, safe, and trustworthy IT system. Law firms, lawyers, and other legal practitioners handle numerous clients and they get to store a tremendous amount of highly valuable data and information. At present, most data of lawsuits and other court cases are stored in digital form and they have to be highly secured as they are highly confidential and bound by the law. However, law and information technology are two fields that do not have many similarities. Hence, law firms tend to lack staff and resources to handle a large portion of their IT requirements such as software management, cloud computing, and network support. Here are a few benefits that the law industry can receive by outsourcing IT support services,

  1. Managing software for practice and case management.
  2. IT consulting services.
  3. Cloud computing services.
  4. Reliable data protection, network support, and disaster recovery.
  5. Email archiving.

2. Finance Industry

At present, the financial industry requires highly stable and well-secured IT systems to carry out most of its operations. As financial firms handle a large amount of personal data, it is crucial to outsource IT support services from a reliable IT support company. To provide financial institutes with adequate protection, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has introduced a set of Technology Risk Management (TRM) guidelines to regulate IT outsourcing. Here are several ways that the finance industry can benefit from outsourcing IT services for their operations,

  1. Managed services for all kinds of technical support.
  2. Network and server support.
  3. Convenient cloud access.
  4. Better decision-making through real-time business intelligence.
  5. Compliance with regulations and government mandates.

3. Contracting and Construction Industry

Being one of the fastest growing industries in the commercial world, the construction industry requires an immense amount of tech support at present. To embrace the digitalizing market, construction companies need to gear themselves up with the latest technological additions such as AutoCAD design for site surveys, digital communication, and timeline control. However, as construction and IT industries do not have much in common, construction firms often require external IT support to get their work done. Here are some benefits that a construction firm can win by adapting to IT outsourcing,

  1. Maintaining contract-specific applications.
  2. Upgradation of the IT system under proper planning.
  3. Cyber threat management, data confidentiality, and backup or data recovery.

4. Accounting Industry

Just like the financial industry, the accounting industry also requires thorough IT support to carry out its operations. They often require unique technology requirements to ensure that all the files and records are secure, computer networks are reliable and all accounting software is updated and easy to access. Typically, accounting firms depend on IT support services from email solutions and phone systems to file sharing and client data storage. Here are several ways that the accounting industry benefits from IT outsourcing,

  1. Receiving network infrastructure, design, and documentation.
  2. Managing networks.
  3. Maintaining desktop and admin servers.
  4. Hardware and software support.
  5. Remote access to data through cloud computing.

5. Real Estate Industry

Real estate operations are often run online in real-time and they require to be managed seamlessly with no interruptions. To suffice this need, real estate agencies and professionals should have smooth systems running and real estate portals loaded with clients, property information, and listing. As real estate firms are not so familiar with IT-enabled procedures, they often hire external IT experts. Here are some benefits that the real estate industry can achieve by hiring IT support services externally,

  1. Data backup and disaster recovery.
  2. Mobility services and remote access to data.
  3. Installation and support for real estate software.
  4. System configuration.
  5. 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of the IT operations.

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