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Delivering innovative & highest IT solutions for your business success


Delivering innovative & highest IT solutions for your business success

Founded in 2002, NEX CorporateIT is a company that offers a synergistic suite of IT Consultancy services for our clients. Backed by a team of highly dedicated & certified professional consultants, we customise solutions that meet the demands and exceed the expectations of our clients from across all industries.

We offer a wide range of IT products and services, such as IT outsourcing and network securities, to help our clients keep up with the advances in business technology for the corporate world. With customer satisfaction as our number one priority, you are assured of quality products and services.

Private Cloud Services

Safeguarding customer data is a vital aspect of business operations. NEX CorporateIT’s state-of-the-art private cloud and disaster recovery & business continuity solutions protect critical information from being lost.

IT Compliance

The focus on empowering business through technology has risen and plays an important role in all businesses.

IT Maintenance and Consultancy

NEX CorporateIT provides a comprehensive range of IT strategy, infrastructure, storage, management, and security solutions. We help businesses transform their technological capabilities so they can stay ahead of their competitors.

IT Outsourcing and IT Support

For companies requiring additional IT support, NEX CorporateIT provides professional IT outsourcing solutions. Our expertise lies in delivering cost-effective and reliable systems solutions for diverse sectors in Singapore.

IT & Network Securities

No two companies are the same, and no two IT & network securities are the same either. NEX CorporateIT employs and deploys tailored IT security solutions so your business can stay safe, without compromising productivity.

Project Management

NEX CorporateIT works closely with businesses to plan, execute, and complete IT projects in a timely manner. We help clients to set clear objectives and realistic budgets so any project can be completed successfully.

Cabling Specialisation

NEX CorporateIT is a one-stop solution for structured network cabling solutions. We supply a variety of cables for deployment, including fibre optics, UTP, STP, and FTP cables that cater to various clients’ needs.

Data Recovery Service

NEX CorporateIT helps to retrieve lost data on your behalf as part of our data recovery services. With our timely support and in-depth experience, your business will be able to effectively recover from any unforeseen disasters.

Broadband & Connectivity Solutions

High-speed connectivity is essential for growing businesses. NEX CorporateIT provides a full suite of broadband solutions to help integrate business software and services to best fit your data connectivity requirements.

Equipment Rental, Leasing And Acquisition

Hardware and software are constantly evolving for maximum speed and efficiency. We help clients to procure the best and latest IT equipment in a cost-effective manner through our hassle-free rental and leasing services.